Monday, July 26, 2010

Getting Political in the Pulpit

Though I've been posting content online lately, its mostly been trying to get my new church's facebook page and blog going (along with trying to help update the website).  Shameless plugs:

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Four weeks in, I'd like to report that things are going fairly well and I am getting settled in.  As you know, both faith and politics play critical roles in my life.  I believe one affects the other, although I try to claim that faith ways more heavily in the balance, I know there are times this isn't true.  I also believe the church has to be relevant and must address the critical issues of the day.  When the Shirley Sheppard saga was unfolding, I thought it was a wonderful example of how people can grow and can change their minds.  Thus, I paired it with the lectionary scriptures from Genesis and Luke that I believe imply that God's mind can be changed also.

The sermon was received fairly well, but I did have one person comment that I need to be careful about mixing politics with the pulpit.  Now, I do intend to be very conscious of this.  I do think we need to address issues like poverty and immigration from the pulpit, but we have to care not to be overtly partisan.  (In some ways, I know that is almost impossible.  How can you advocate for immigration reform without being partisan when one party appears to clearly object to any kind of comprehensive reform?!?)

That being said, I don't intend to shy away from contemporary issues.  But, I do hope to be self-aware.  If you have a few minutes, I hope you might read my sermon from Sunday to see if you felt it was as even handed as I thought it was.  I welcome your comments and critiques!

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